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Intuitive Tarot for the Season - with Bridget Ambrose (how to use tarot for self reflection & ritual this fall)

  • APORTA shop 117 West Front Street Missoula, MT, 59802 United States (map)

Seasons change as a reminder of our connection to eternal transformation. Just like the seasons we too have an innate ability to change, to heal, to transform. Yet for many of us it can be challenging to know where to change, what’s keeping us stuck and how to trust in the healing process of transformation.

The veil between realms thins on October 31st making it easier to see, hear, and feel beyond our world and connect to your wisdom within and throughout the cosmos.

Come learn more about how to work with this potent energy and connect to your innate healing abilities and intuition through the Tarot. October 15 from 6P - 8P.

Join us for a mystic night and tap into your own magic. We will start the night off with a guided meditation and group reading. You will learn more about choosing and connecting to your tarot deck, how to drop-in before a reading and to trust your intuition in relation to the cards. Autumn is the perfect time for creating spreads for reflection, release and renewal. This workshop will provide you with a deeper connection to your own wisdom, confidence in creating spreads and using the cards to get clarity insight, and direction in any aspect of your life.

With a background in psychology, reiki and craniosacral therapy Bridget sees the tarot as a beautiful visual tool to guide us deeper into ourselves that helps us see the parallels between the stories within the cards and our own experiences. Big or small, mundane or metaphysical, the tarot can be used as an effective and powerful way of gathering information and laying out what’s possible.

This will be a fun evening of learning to work more intuitively with your tarot deck by trusting your inner compass as we prepare for the darker months ahead.

If you’ve got your own tarot deck bring it! If you’ve always wanted one nows the time to get one and bring it to the workshop. Otherwise Bridget will have plenty of decks for use and some for sale.

October 15 from 6P - 8P, APORTA Shop - 117 W Front Street
 Workshop fee is $40, there are 13 spots available. Apologies but no refunds on workshops.