Intuitive Tarot for the Season - with Bridget Ambrose (how to use tarot for self reflection & ritual this fall)
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Intuitive Tarot for the Season - with Bridget Ambrose (how to use tarot for self reflection & ritual this fall)

Seasons change as a reminder of our connection to eternal transformation. Just like the seasons we too have an innate ability to change, to heal, to transform. Yet for many of us it can be challenging to know where to change, what’s keeping us stuck and how to trust in the healing process of transformation.

The veil between realms thins on October 31st making it easier to see, hear, and feel beyond our world and connect to your wisdom within and throughout the cosmos.

Come learn more about how to work with this potent energy and connect to your innate healing abilities and intuition through the Tarot. October 15 from 6P - 8P.

Join us for a mystic night and tap into your own magic. We will start the night off with a guided meditation and group reading. You will learn more about choosing and connecting to your tarot deck, how to drop-in before a reading and to trust your intuition in relation to the cards. Autumn is the perfect time for creating spreads for reflection, release and renewal. This workshop will provide you with a deeper connection to your own wisdom, confidence in creating spreads and using the cards to get clarity insight, and direction in any aspect of your life.

With a background in psychology, reiki and craniosacral therapy Bridget sees the tarot as a beautiful visual tool to guide us deeper into ourselves that helps us see the parallels between the stories within the cards and our own experiences. Big or small, mundane or metaphysical, the tarot can be used as an effective and powerful way of gathering information and laying out what’s possible.

This will be a fun evening of learning to work more intuitively with your tarot deck by trusting your inner compass as we prepare for the darker months ahead.

If you’ve got your own tarot deck bring it! If you’ve always wanted one nows the time to get one and bring it to the workshop. Otherwise Bridget will have plenty of decks for use and some for sale.

October 15 from 6P - 8P, APORTA Shop - 117 W Front Street
 Workshop fee is $40, there are 13 spots available. Apologies but no refunds on workshops.

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plenti.full retreat bali | a transformational business retreat for entrepreneurial women
to Jan 15

plenti.full retreat bali | a transformational business retreat for entrepreneurial women

  • Kuta Selatan, Bali, Indonesia (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This retreat is for the woman entrepreneur who is ready to move forward with an aligned, powerful plan...and who knows that a gorgeous, relaxed space will help her do just that. 

Come together over like-mindedness to grow and share and be free. An intentional time for Soul & Strategy.

Maybe the way you’ve been pushing—trying so hard to make everything work—is the old way. Ushering your life and business into the next, wildly productive and aligned phase should not be done by force. Maybe you’ve realized lately that pushing and being the lone warrior with everything resting on your shoulders isn’t working any more. 

This is for the woman who wants to deepen her sense of self-empowerment.

For the woman who understands and desires genuine connection.

For the woman who feels like she doesn’t have quite enough time or space to relax, who wants to embrace the coming year fully, AND who knows the importance of caring for herself body and soul.

This is for you.

The Venue: Kuta Selatan, Bali, Indonesia

Nestled on the west-side of the Bukit, which means “hill” in Indonesian, our Retreat Center is near Bingin Beach, one of the Island of Gods most hidden treasures.

A simple surfers’ paradise since the 70s, it is now also coveted by photographers excited to shoot its incredible scenery from the top of its cliff. It provides incomparable views of the crystal clear Indian ocean, contrasted with limestone cliffs and the dramatic colors in the sky. Off the beaten path, Its pristine beaches are perfect to kick-back and relax for a day trip.

The Bukit is a world apart from Kuta’s crowd and crazy Seminyak, and will completely fulfill your soul with happiness if you’re looking for tranquility. In addition, Uluwatu temple, one of the most revered temples on the island, is just a fifteen minute drive away.

Nearest airport: Ngurah Rai International

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Soulful Design Retreat
to Mar 15

Soulful Design Retreat

  • San Miguel de Allende Mexico (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

You’re invited to take part in an intentional pause next winter. We are crafting a gorgeous retreat that will nourish your soul, your work, and your home both through design +intuition to intentionally re ignite your own ability to create from a place that aligns to you.


We are designers.

We merge function + beauty in interiors. We help people appreciate the environments they live, work and play in.

This is not all though.

As soulful beings, we want to go deeper, to go beyond making pretty places.

We know our physical spaces have the power to do so much more. They are energetic containers that uplift, inspire, nourish, relax, and make physical, emotional, mental impact...a lasting one.

So, how do we take the fun of designing and integrate the wellness work knowing that they aren’t separate from one another?

The intention for this retreat is to answer this question through pause, engaging conversation, and beautiful discovery. Taking time to replenish and reframe interior design in the magical location of San Miguel de Allende will beautifully guide you back to center and that is personally deeply healing and professionally inspiring.

We are designers....

...but of so much more than just a physical space.

Let's make some magic!

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