making your home a sanctuary

Our homes are so much more that the container we live in. They are really an opportunity to decide how you want to live. Each room has the potential to support and nourish us in different ways. As Justina Blakeny says in her latest book, “good design increases the quality of life” I completely agree. There is a deep connection between your heart, your home and in turn your health. I believe we are meant to feel peace in our environment, to feel connected to others and live in a state of abundance. 

While design and products can accent any space, feel is something only you can create. Trust your intuition, pay attention to what you’re drawn to so you can personally discover your own style. There is no wrong way to express your authentic self so long as it brings you joy. I begin every design with just a few key elements I love and think about how to expand that vibe into the room. 

Some of us need quiet nooks, some need kid-friendly areas while others want space to entertain. Your home needs to work with your lifestyle. The products, fabrics, colors, textures all come together to create the feel they are aiming to achieve. By clearing out what doesn’t support it, cleaning up clutter and intentionally decorating with what you love you will call in the energy you want to experience at home. 

Everyone should feel they are able to create sacred space and good energy in their home.  You can achieve this by having objects you love, that are reminders of your light, of spirit, and lift your energy no matter how small. Bringing in plants, crystals and candles is a great way to do this. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This not only freshens up the air, but also eliminates harmful toxins. By caring for a living thing, we actually increase our overall happiness.  Start with something simple, succulents are easy to care for making them a favorite whether you live in a small apartment or home. I love making the trip to our local nurseries and talking with the plant experts for pro tips on what will work best with the natural light in your home as well as how to keep your plant babies alive! 

My go-to crystal recommendation is Selenite which has a beautiful way of cleansing and clearing a space. It’s the perfect stone to keep near your front door or any room you want to maintain a balanced and light vibe. Rose Quartz is another great stone for welcoming love and positive energy into your life. I keep some on my nightstand. Some of my favorite crystal slingers are Everyday Magic and Beloved Minerals.

Candles create fabulous ambiance especially early morning as you slowly hatch or in the evening as you wind down. Choose a scent that brings forward the energy of you are looking to create. Earthy scents are more grounding whereas citrus and floral scents can be a great mood brightener. For me, candlelight can serve as a reminder of our own internal light, and our own innate ability to light up the darkness at any time. A few of my favorite candle makers are SOBU, Aura Candles and PF Candle Company.

Have fun experimenting (something I do a lot) and mixing things up to find what really resonates with your personality and the people you share your home with. 

Hailey Faust