why is autumn so cosmically charged?

Seasons change as a reminder of our connection to eternal transformation. Just like the seasons we too have an innate ability to change, to heal, to transform. The light shifts, the quality changes and we are reminded that autumn is a time to say farewell to the warm, long days of summer and ready ourselves for the colder shorter days ahead. Though the sun may still be warming we can feel in our bones that there is a shift occurring, signaling a movement inwards.

Because we rely on our skin so much to aid in detoxification and blood flow, this is the perfect time of year to give it the attention it needs. I have a weekly ritual of dry brushing which not only improves blood circulation and release of toxins it also revitalizes the nervous system. All of which result in feeling better on the inside as well as having smoother brighter skin on the outside! I like to follow dry brushing with a warm hydrating milk and honey bath infused with a rose quartz. 

I’m all about simplicity when it comes to skin care and this time of year, extra hydration. 

I find adding a hydrating mask to my typical skin care regime gives me that feeling of taking time out to really take care of myself. Making time to sit, have some tea while the mask works its magic is a simple way to pause and notice the way things can shift when we create more space and intention. 

This is such a time of transition with so much abundance in the colors outside as well as the beginning of warmer, slower times inside. We are all in transition and loving what is can be challenging. Nature does such a beautiful job of teaching us balance and acceptance for each cycle of our lives. With the cooling temperatures of fall we see nature stop her outer growth and begin retreating inward. Fall tends to be more introspective than summer and it’s just as it should be. To learn from nature by focusing on the ebb and flow of seasons we can remind ourselves of this natural flux and change in our own lives. 

Each of us possess a vast inner sanctuary, which when accessed keeps us aligned with our soul’s purpose. Creating a ritual or ceremony is something everyone can do. It’s really just the container or practice you create for your inner wisdom and guidance to express itself in the highest light. For me mediation and journaling is my favorite way to access that space and set intentions. Self-care is so important during times of transition. Getting a massage, reiki, taking walks, reading tarot, finding my core balance in pilates, giving myself permission to rest, allowing movement in my life by dancing, and giving thanks all of it goes a long way to increase self-love and replenish our spirits.

Hailey Faust